Entrust your data and web applications
to a unique cluster platform
Bosson Server

A computer cluster is synonymous with performance, stability and speed. Imagine connecting dozens of computers with their own system memory into a single unit.

What is going to happen?

You will acquire an enormous concentration of computing power independent of the individual nodes.

If one the servers fails, the unit continues to operate. All data and functions are still available, with unrivaled speed and fluidity. Therefore the cluster represents an ideal platform for hosting Web sites and other applications, especially operationally demanding ones.

The Bosson Server cluster solution, however, is still a step ahead and offers a number of unique features. See for yourself!

Bosson Server is the next-generation cluster solution. Find out more!

Main advantages of a cluster solution

Stability and availability

The great advantage of the cluster is that it is almost impervious to failure. Even if one server falls short and fails, the cluster as a whole and the applications running on top of it are not compromised. As such, your data and website will remain available under almost any circumstances!

HW cost savings

In order to run the application on your own server you need to invest a significant amount in hardware. In addition, you must have sufficient reserve capacity and take care of data backups. In the case of a cluster, you only pay a monthly hosting fee!


Speed and smootheness

The cluster's unmatched fluency, speed, and stability among other things are gained thanks to two complementary processes. Data replication to independents physical servers guarantees that the data will be permanently available, even if any of the computers gets into trouble. Process parallelization distributes data to the different units, thereby accelerating computations.

Easy expandability

If you are hosting a Web application on the classic server and suddenly you need to greatly extend server's capabilities, it can be quite a challenge. You are also limited by the server physical capacity. The cluster eliminates this problem. Its capacity is so great, that almost any application expansion is not in any way limited.



the next-generation cluster solution

Cluster Design is lead by specialists, who operate on the Czech hosting scene for many years. They always came up with innovations, heed the perfect hardware facilities and most importantly, embraced open and friendly approach to clients. These qualities are also reflected in the new Bosson Server cluster service.

„The basic engine of customers' Bosson Clusters was put together combining the best Linux projects. We have already been devoted to Linux for many years, we know all the functions and features to the tiniest details, and so we can truly provide excellent service for our customers. Find the qualities of Bosson servers for yourselves!“


With the unique Bosson Sever cluster solution you receive

  • All the benefits of a cluster in top notch quality.
  • Unique software, which further increases the reliability and performance of the cluster.
  • Data hosting on brand (branded?, not no-name) hardware.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Exclusive customer service with personal approach.

„ZOOT managed to grow more than 15 times in 2012 during the period of six months. This entailed new challenges at both the logistics and customer support, but above all server solutions. Movig to cluster solution was the logical outcome, and, from that perspective I can only recommend Bosson and Eugene.“

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