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Looking for a hosting solution for your website? Or running a business and looking for a reliable partner for easy access to data and web applications? Or perhaps you create websites and want to ensure fast and reliable operation of your clients? Whether your wishes are big or modest, we offer a server configuration solution which if right for you.

Bosson Server START

  • up to 4 CPUs
  • up to 8 GB RAM
  • up to 100GB HDD space
  • technical support on weekdays

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675 CZK/mo

„Bosson Server Start is the service outside established rules, which continuously grows with you. In ClusterDesign we will actively take care of your needs and will always find a way to arrange for your requests. Forget the idea, that you are buying an apartment, 3+1 flat or a villa house. You are buying housing. Housing which will grow with you. Should large numbers of customers flock in at once, another room will just appear :-)“

Foto Dana ŘímalaDan Římal
IT Specialist

Bosson Server AVAILABLE

  • up to 16 CPUs
  • up to 64GB RAM
  • unlimited HDD space
  • technical support 24/7
  • personal consultations

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1 350 CZK/mo

„When the application reaches higher speed and the aggregation or pooling of resources is no longer an option, you can smoothly move to Bosson Server Available where you have your resources only for yousef. Here you do not have to worry about hardware being powerful enough or service availability. As soon as the automated monitoring will detect possible performance problem, we will arrange for the increased number of processor units or enlarge memory capacity.

Foto Yevheniy DemchenkaYevheniy Demchenko
Bosson architect

Bosson Server CLUSTERED

  • up to 32 CPUs
  • up to 128GB RAM
  • unlimited HDD space
  • technical support 24/7
  • load balancing technology
  • personal consultations

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4 250 CZK/mo

„The operation of the cluster has several unique advantages which will be especially useful in critical moments. Load balancing can divide the load onto two, three or more physical machines with up to 32 CPUs and 128GB of memory. Even under the biggest strain no visitor will have to wait 10 seconds before the desired webpage appears in his or her browser. Tiny details are the deciding factor and the on-line on-demand performance increase without interruption, is obviously amazing!“

Foto Lukáše ZikmundaLukáš Zikmund


„Some companies offer extremely cheap hosting. So cheap, it is suspicious. Frankly, for 50 CZK per month you can not expect miracles. Maybe such an extremely inexpensive hosting will suffice for the first few days, but if  the operation of your application, you surely do not want to stop at dozens or few hundreds of visitors a day. And then you will see, that without quality hosting solutions there is no other way. “ 

More about the basic building blocks of Bosson virtual servers

CPU cores

Each assigned Bosson Server virtual processor corresponds to one physical processor core, ie. processor performance is provided without aggregation (the Start edition is an exception). The maximum number of CPUs per Bosson server is limited by the selected edition or physical server capacity. It is possible to increase or decrease the number of virtual CPUs on-line on-demand.

Operating memory - RAM

The minimum memory allocation size is 1GB, the maximum capacity is limited by the selected edition or physical server capacity. Memory can be flexibly increased or decreased on-line according to your needs.


Disk capacity

Each Bosson server can have one or more virtual disks. Their capacity maximum is set by the selected edition or based on personal agreement. Increase in disk space is in most cases possible on-line on-demand, reduction can be done with technical support upon agreement.

Replicated disk storage

In the Clustered and Available editions disk storage is always redundant, ie. customer data is synchronously replicated at two sites interconnected with 40 Gbit. InfiniBand.


Clustered Filesystem

Clustered filesystem enables the cloning of running virtual servers on-line and thus the distribution of loads across multiple servers, including databases, without changing a single line of application code. This feature is the cornerstone of Clustered Edition.

Supported operating systems

Bosson Server can run all currently popular operating systems. The most common are Linux and MS Windows. MS licenses can be rented on a monthly basis. Prices and the number of required licenses are handled individually.


Isolated networks

For added security each customer uses a dedicated virtual network switch.

Technical support

You are most likely familiar with standard technical support. In addition to industry standards, Bosson technical support will take over responsibility for the operation of your application, so you can sleep in peace.


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