Lenovo - Clustered edition

Lenovo Czech approached us with a request to ensure sufficient performance for the advertising campaign for the introduction of a new tablet on the market. Because it was a demanding application and attendance could hardly be estimated in advance, we decided to deploy the Bosson Clustered edition. This edition allows, without the intervention from the programmer and without interruption, to add or remove application servers as is required at any given moment. The result of our solution was satisfaction on all sides, users had a predictably fast web regardless of attendance, Lenovo a successful campaign and we obtained one more satisfied customer.

eBRÁNA, s.r.o. Available edition

eBRÁNA is currently one of the largest companies offering web solutions in the Czech Republic. During its existence it has launched more than 2,500 websites. This number is quite impressive and no other company in the Czech Republic can boast of anything similar. A few years ago eBRÁNA decided to consolidate its host servers, which has been fragmented between different hosting providers and to abandon the server system administration in favor of outsourcinge. It was thus looking for a partner that offers solutions with scalable performance and excels in the administration of Linux servers and overall complex solutions. After time and resource consuming yet successful migration, eBRÁNA's projects nowadays rely on dozens of Bosson Available edition servers and enjoy 24/7 technical support.

"Although it is only a year today since most/all of our websites are being run on Bosson server, to me it feels like it has been for years. It took us a long time before we decided for a change, but from the very first meeting, I knew that this would be the right decision. Thanks to them I now sleep soundly because they not only provide the necessary server environment, but also take responsibility for the operation of our applications in non-stop operation." (May 2013).

Foto Ing. Jiří JnakůIng. Jiří Janků

Server Reality.CZ, s.r.o. - Clustered edition

The server is one of the best known addresses on the Czech Internet. During the development of the new version of the portal they asked us for help with architecture design and subsequent operation. Because of the backward compatibility with the older versions, we were forced to deal with non-standard situations, such as millions of photographs in one directory. Bosson Clustered edition and SSD storage is today's ideal environment that tackles any attendance peaks without a problem.

"Over a year ago we've decided to gradually let go of administration at the system level and to spend all our energy on programming tasks. We met with the guys from Bosson servers by accident, and despite initial skepticism, today I do not regret this decision. We no longer have to deal with the replacement of faulty components, look after processor speed and so on and so forth- now we just buy enough power! In addition, and that is something I'd like to point out, their administrators have helped us a great deal many times - thanks to their abundant practical experience from other projects that our small / limited team of developers logically can not have!" (February 2013).

Foto Ing. Jan VohralíkIng. Jan Vohralík

PIKLIO s.r.o. - Available and Clustered edtions

The server is a world where customers photos are transformed into beautiful books, gorgeous calendars, posters and other amazing products made with digital printing technology. Furthermore, it offers its customers lifetime storage of their photos for future projects. Because of that they require tens of terabytes of storage space for their operation. In addition they allows each photo to be edited, so not only enough disk space is required, but also raw processing power, which must be sufficient for all customers and peak attendance.

"We chose the Bosson Server edition for PIKLIO website at a time when we already had good experience with the Bosson Cluster solution that helps us run a smooth production workflow in a three-shift operation. We also prefer Cluster Design because of their personal approach and ability to respond relatively quickly to increased user attendance, which is crucial, for us, especially in the exposed pre-Christmas period."

Logo PikolioMichal Dvořák

APERA, s.r.o. Edice Available

Apera is a small modern company, without headquarters, but for its business representatives in the Czech Republic it requires an on-line available customer relations system, mail and calendaring services. That is why Apera decided for a virtual server in our data centre.

"When I started up Apera, I had no company address or headquarters, I did not know how big I'm going to become, but I needed basic tools like mail, calendaring services, and bookkeeping. With a single monthly fee, problems associated with the prices for acquisition, operations and concerns regardings placement, security, electrification, backups, etc., were gone. Being always on the move across the country, Bosson Server was the obvious choice."

Logo APERAIng. Jaroslav Volín

Economia, a.s. - results of the second round of presidential elections in 2013

Before the second round of the presidential elections in 2013 we were asked by Martin Mesršmíd for a server with sufficient performance reserves to process the results of the second round. We took up the task gladly and in a very short time, the solution was ready. In result, we received very nice compliments, which is not common in today's hectic times.

"Good day,

thank you so much for the service you provided during the elections, it was perfect. We will surely count on you for similar events in the future.

Thanks again so much for everything and wish you all the best.“

Logo IHNEDMartin Mesršmíd
development manager - Nová média VaP

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