Bosson team

Foto majiteleCEO and co-owner Lukáš Zikmund

Visionary, initiator and business brains of the company. He had founded the ÚVT company, which has been transformed into Cluster Design over the years and developed the unique cluster solution Bosson. His bold ideas and perfectionism sometimes causes wrinkles to appear on the foreheads of his colleagues (as well as his own) and many of his dreams often wait for their realization for years. He always strives for more. But all this drives the company forward and brings its solutions closer to perfection.

Foto technikaBosson architect and co-owner Eugene (Yevheniy Demchenko)

IT guru, a Bosson software architect and a person whose biography would be worthy of a Nobel Prize winner. In his homeland, Ukraine, he had studied molecular physics, then moved to the Czech Republic, where he incidentally finished his doctorate, and most importantly met Lukáš, whose dreams he had started to turn into reality. Ingeniously he can grasp the essence of things, ruthlessly eliminates unnecessary ballast and chains ethereal visions to the solid ground of practicality.

Foto ajťákaProgrammer Pavel Richter

Software architect, programmer and coder in one person. His task is to understand why the customer's request was designed in its particular way, and based on his insight then create clean code with all the features it should have. He is a man of detail and admirable patience. He can play with possible solutions for hours before coming to a conclusion which not only performs the desired function, but also works well from the end-user perspective.

Foto fakturantkyBookkeeper Kristýna Hošťálková

Kristýna takes care that everything was invoiced and paid on time. That in itself, in the midst of a team, where one has his head up in the clouds and the other is dug deep in code, is an extremely important role. In addition, she brings a gentle feminine touch to a purely male environment, which is literally priceless!

Foto helpdeskuIT Specialist Daniel Římal

Daniel is in charge of several things. Primarily, he takes care of the clusters as of complete systems. He helps customers during migration and then assists them in meeting the challenges of the servers day-to-day operation. Daniel is a Linux, and network geek in his every inch, for whome his work has become a passion in life. Or is it vice versa? Either way, hi states network routing as a hobby...

+ other professionals 

  • Lukáš BarcuchLukáš Barcuch
  • Jan BártlJan Bártl
  • David FabianDavid Fabian
  • Denis GorondovDenis Gorodnov
  • Filip MarekFilip Marek

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